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My name is Annie and I am a Chemical Engineering student at UCL. I am under the great privilege of being the UCL Engineering Society's 2023/24 President. my role is to lead the committee in planning and execution of its ventures within UCL and with external partner organisations. We have some incredible events and programs in store for the upcoming year, and I am elated to share it with our members and beyond!

Anniereetha Moses

UCLES President 2023/2024

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My name is Anna and I am an incoming 4th year Chemical Engineering student. This year I will be the Vice President of UCLES. As Vice President my role is to help and facilitate our society operations, offer advice to our other committee members and be a constant support for our President!

Anna Mazoleni 

UCLES Vice President 2023/2024


My name is Hahn and I am a 4th year Electrical & Electronics Engineering student and I will be your welfare officer for the upcoming year! My job for the next year is to work with our team to make sure that our society is as welcoming and friendly as possible to members-new & old-to continue to help bolster physical and mental wellbeing throughout the society. We have some amazing things planned for this year and I cannot wait to get started!

Hahn Lam 

UCLES Welfare Officer 2023/2024


My name is Gerald and I am a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student at UCL. I have the honour of being the UCLES Treasurer for 2023/24! I intend to install confidence amongst both our sponsors and members that the budgeting and finance of the society is proficient and well managed. I look forward to the exciting events that we have planned and I hope to see you all soon!

Gerald Tan

UCLES Treasurer 2023/2024


My name is Diren and I am a 2nd year Computer Science student. I will be the Head of Marketing for UCLES for the years 2023/24! I will be in charge of poster design, web design and most importantly spreading word regarding upcoming events! I look forward to getting to meet and working alongside all of you all!

Diren Gunasekera 

UCLES Head of Marketing 2023/2024


My name is Ashley and I am a 2nd year Medical Sciences & Engineering student at UCL. I am honoured to be the Head of Sponsorship at UCLES this year, where i will be building and maintaining relationships with sponsors to drive mutual success as well as organising events with them. I am looking forward to the exciting year ahead!

Ashley Tsoi 

UCLES Head of Sponsorship 2023/2024


My name is Gibril and I am a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student. I am proud to be the Head of Events of UCLES for the year 2023/24. My role is to conceptualise and carry out events that will spike the interest of our members. We have lots in store for this upcoming year with our team and sponsors so stay tuned!

Gibril Hourcard 

UCLES Head of Events 2023/2024


My name is Vedeesh and I am a 2nd year Electrical & Electronics Engineering student.

Vedeesh Kota

UCLES Head of Engineering Projects 2023/2024


My name is Dylan and I am a 2nd year Electrical & Electronics Engineering student with a passion for travelling around the world with a limited budget. I will be the sponsorship executive for UCLES and I will do my best to support the Head of Sponsorship by securing more sponsorships and maintaining our current ones so we can have more fun and exciting events planned out for the upcoming year! 

Dylan Lim

UCLES Sponsorship Executive 2023/2024


UCLES Events Executive 2023/2024

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