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On behalf of the entire UCLES committee for 2020-21, It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the UCL Engineering Society!

The UCL Engineering Society is the largest collaborative partnership at UCL, bringing together 7 societies and over 5,000+ active members, making UCLES the largest STEM Society on Campus. 


Our mission is simple: 

UCLES strives to enhance collaboration between disciplines and organisations to provide innovative opportunities and insights to UCL's STEM Students; enabling and empowering students to forge their careers in the most competitive fields, and augment their student experience at UCL.

Despite our neoteric inception in 2018, UCLES has an unparalleled reach and growth at UCL. Our track record of excellence spans winning the coveted ‘Overall Society of the Year’ award from the UCL Union for hosting and organising a plethora of highly successful events and for unmatched our year on year growth, from our flagship LONDON 2050 conference, Networking sessions, insight days, employer presentations to a range of unforgettable Socials to the Largest Ball at UCL to our Freshers’ mixers.

As President, the heightened level of success reached by these events and the vast opportunities generated for our members reiterates my desire to ensure our 2020-21 year’s events exceed our benchmark. Complacency has never been a hallmark of myself or UCLES, thus exceeding expectations for our members and partners alike to deliver high-quality events, ambitious engineering projects, and exclusive opportunities is our objective for the year.

- Neha Bhudia, UCL Engineering Society President 2020/2021

Our Objectives 


UCLES strives to bridge the gap between engineering disciples at UCL, paving the way for collaborative opportunities within out network of 7 partner societies


Engineering changes the world, UCLES provides opportunities for hands-on projects and technical workshops, empowering students for the disruption of the 21st century.


UCLES is committed to providing its members with a competitive edge through exclusive exposure, career orientated events and education across many industries. 

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