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Welcome to the UCL Engineering Society

Established in 2018, UCLES has enjoyed an unmatched reach and engagement from thousands of students at our University, winning multiple awards, including:

  • 2022 UCL Departmental Society of the Year award

  • 2022 Gold Award at UCL Departmental Society Development Awards

  • 2021 UCL Society of the Year runner-up

  • 2019 UCL Society of the Year award


Since then, UCLES has grown to become the largest STEM society at UCL. We lead the largest collaborative partnership at UCL, bringing together 12 societies and all engineering students to become the pioneers of tomorrow.


Our mission is to foster a deep collaboration between diverse disciplines and organisations to support our 1,000+ active members, from across 100 programmes of study. The result is a plethora of opportunities and insights to enhance the student experience, forge vibrant careers, and tackle some of the world's most challenging problems.


Given the extraordinary circumstances of the past two and a half years, I am thrilled to announce that UCL has confirmed all teaching will happen in-person next year, the same as pre-pandemic. We at UCLES believe this is an excellent opportunity to increase our engagement and membership numbers even further. We welcome you to UCLES and hope to see you happy to have been a part of the journey. 

- Udaya Goel, President 2022-2023


UCLES Operates Thanks To Our 2022-23 Sponsors 

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